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Junior Netball Trials
by Lorraine Stafford - Thursday, 9 March 2017, 11:29 AM

They are all held at the WGC gym wet or fine. Wear comfortable sports clothes. The girls will finish their trial at various times throughout the morning or afternoon. We would like to see the girls at all the trials but if they can't make one, please let the sports office know. (

Year 9s
Saturday 11 March 9am - Noon
Saturday 18 March 1 - 4pm

Year 10s
Saturday 11 March 1 - 4pm
Saturday 18 March 9am - Noon

The Junior A trial - Tuesday 21 March 3.30pm on Brook Court - will be held after the weekend trials and Year 9 and 10 girls will be invited to attend this trial. The girls will then be put into provisional teams and we will have a final look at them at the Junior Grading tournament. All Year 9 and 10 players are expected to be available for this tournament. It is held at school. Selectors will use this opportunity to ensure players have been placed accurately in teams based upon their ability and performance in trials.
Saturday 1 April 8.15am - Noon

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