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Surf Lifesaving Nationals
by Lorraine Stafford - Friday, 31 March 2017, 12:47 PM
Eva Albiston and her WGC team mates, Alexandra Edmonds and Ruby Hikuroa achieved great success at Nationals.  The sport is incredibly tough and competitive. Below are some of their results and a photo of Eva and Alex in action.
U16 Womens Surf Team Final: 2nd Team inc Ruby Hikuroa
U16 Women Rescue-Tube Final: 2nd team inc Eva Albiston & Alex Edmonds  
U16 Womens Board Rescue Semi-Finals: 3rd  team inc Ruby Hikuroa, 6th team Eva Albiston & Alexandra Edmonds 
U16 Womens Board Rescue Final: 4th team Ruby Hikuroa
U16 Womens Board Race Semi-Final:  6th Eva Albiston
U16 Womens Ski Final: 7th Eva Albiston
U16 Womens Taplin Final: 8th team: Eva Albiston, Ruby Hikuroa, Alex Edmonds
For detailes results see:
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