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College Sport Wellington Awards 2017
by Lorraine Stafford - Monday, 6 November 2017, 10:33 AM
College Sport Wellington's Sportsperson of the Year awards were held at Te Rauparaha Arena last night. WGC had 13 finalists in the various categories - Anella Munro (Coach of the Year), Ria Nathu (Student Coach of the Year), Zoe Smith (Official of the Year), Chelsea Empson (Futsal), Clarie Cooper (Fencing), Grace Tirikatene (Volleyball), Jessica Tsai (Badminton), Josie Hunt (Underwater Hockey), Julia Borlase (Swimming), Lawrin Tipene (Basketball), Maggie Jenkins (Football), Ruby de Silva (Shooting), and Sarah Tetzlaff (Climbing). Congratulations to all the finalists.
Our winners on the night were Ria, Zoe, Chelsea, Claire, Ruby and Sarah. Claire also was a finalist in the overall Sportsperson of the Year award. A brilliant effort by all of you! 
WGC also won 3 pennants for winning the college sport competitions in Handball, Dragonboating and Football. 
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