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Ultimate Frisbee (Yr 12/13)
by Lorraine Stafford - Thursday, 8 February 2018, 1:04 PM

The Sport and Rec Committee are running this:

1. Tuesday lunchtimes in the New Gym starting 20 February 12.40 - 1.40pm - first session to be a learn to play session ie rules etc. All teams to attend.
2. Teams will be House teams consisting of roughly 5 x Year 12s and 5 x Year 13s who don't currently play sport for WGC. House captains to organise their team. There are 6 houses, teams to wear house colours and spectators encouraged to watch.
3. Three quick games each lunch time with 5 mins each way and a round robin so 5 weeks of games, everyone plays everyone. Then possibly a final.
4. Spot prizes and prizes for the winning House and House points awarded. Sports Committee to sort prizes and run the teams ie get them sorted on the day and on to the court.

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