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Scholarship Success
by Lorraine Stafford - Wednesday, 14 February 2018, 2:02 PM

The 2017 Scholarship results have been released and we are delighted with the performance of our students.

Hannah Prior, our 2017 Dux, only entered for one exam  and was awarded a perfect score and named as the top scholar in NZ in French.  Hannah is in France studying this year.
Tessa van den Beuken, who won the KM Solomon Award for academic achievement last year, sat three exams and was awarded two Outstanding scholarships for Design & Visual Communication and Physics and a Scholarship in Chemistry. Tessa is the top scholar in NZ in DVC. She was also named as a recipient of one of the 49 Outstanding Scholar awards. Tessa has joined the WGC staff as our IT intern this year, so we are celebrating with her in person.
26 students were awarded a Scholarship across a range of subjects - English (5), History, Biology, Chemistry (4) Classical Studies, Physics (3), French, Technology, Economics,Statistics (2)  and German, Art History, Media Studies and Accounting (1). 
Apart from Hannah & Tessa, one student was awarded 4 scholarships, 5 were awarded 2 and 18 were awarded 1.
Congratulations to all of these students who have worked so hard in their own time to achieve their results.
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