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Sports - Social Teams
by Lorraine Stafford - Tuesday, 20 March 2018, 2:28 PM
Winter social team lists are due by Friday 23 March. If you are wanting to put a team together you still have time to get a form from the Sports Office.
Year 10 to 13 students can make up their own friend-group social team in a number of sporting codes, in consultation with the Sports Office. Social teams play in the same competition and grades as others teams (except football). It is the responsibility of the team to find a coach should they want one and there must be a parent manager attending all games. Basketball teams must have a referee who can officiate at weekly games and an adult scorebench. 
Team registration forms can be collected from the Sports Office for basketball, netball, football, and badminton. One team form per team needs to be returned to the Sports Office by 23 March. Each player must complete their own registration form online (via the link on WGC4me) and pay the registration fee. 


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