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Committees & Leaders for 2019
by Lorraine Stafford - Sunday, 28 October 2018, 9:34 PM

Congratulations to the following newly-appointed committee leaders for 2019:

Aisling Lawson, Liv Scott, Sarah Brownlee, Charlotte Wilford Carroll, Francie O’Connor, Josie Greenwood, Grace Barralet, Jazz Parsons, Eleana Hill, Lokyee Szeto, Jasmine Dong

See below for the full list of leaders and members of the eleven WGC committees. 


Aisling Lawson

Committee Members

Sarah Armitage
Imelda Morgan
Gabriella Murray-Abarca
Raka Sarker
Tiana So'oialo
Kate Twomey



Liv Scott

Committee Members

Xanthe Curtain
Mia Freeman
Ellie Fuehrer
Hillary Lewis
Rebecca Robson
Mikaela Yung



Sarah Brownlee

Committee Members

Batten - Harriet Teichert
Cooper - Rosa Hill
Hodgkins - Emma Bell
Mansfield - Sarah Neal
Shepherd - Sarah Gard
Williams - Ginny Starnes


Sport & Recreation

Charlotte Wilford Carroll

Committee Members

Ruby Hikuroa
Jade Jones
Phoebe Pottinger
Sophie Russell
Emma Valentine
Alice Wotton


Student Council

Francie O'Connor

Committee Members

BOT Rep Tessa Conroy
Freya Cook
Lily Griffiths
Isla Killalea
Brianna McDonald
Laura Moller


Student Learning

Josie Greenwood

Committee members

Kelly Blanchard
Harriet Campbell
Anushka Desai
Brooke McCaw
Emily Sinclair
Jade Weston-Webb



Grace Barralet

Committee Members

Ace Dalziel
Annabelle Holmes
Emily Latham
Caitlin Marshall
Caitlin Perks
Grace Smyth


Te Rōpū a Kiwa

Jazz Parsons

Committee Members

Waimarino Kahu-Grace
Hannah McLean
Erika Nunns
Frances Penetito



Eleana Hill

Committee Members

Olivia Baird
Lily Elliott
Harriet Lane
Rhianna Nixon
Olivia Trass
Maria Villalba






Lokyee Szeto




Committee Members

Ruby Brandwood
Lucy Gray
Emma Neale
Rosa Pavan
Sera Tufuga
Tini Stanley



Student Comms

Jasmine Dong

Committee Members

Jemima Christie-Limbrick
Arshia Mathur
Niruthmie Pallawala
Mehara Salpadoru
Mia Simcock
Rebecca Simpson










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